• Aurora Exterior Painting Works With All Kinds Of Clients

  • Posted on November 24, 2015
  • Aurora Exterior Painting is a company that was established because there was an obvious need in the area for high quality home painting services. Massachusetts was devoid of companies providing high quality home painting services until Aurora Exterior Painting was founded in 2004 by a pair of business partners who saw this need and sought to meet it. The entrepreneurs were named Marc Ferlo and Alexi Bobolia and they immediate set about trying to establish their brand name as one that represented quality and savings for clients.

    Today, Aurora Exterior Painting is most definitely known for providing high quality Massachusetts home painters and at an affordable rate as well. However, they are also known for being as unobtrusive throughout the exterior house painting process as possible. Aurora Exterior Painting is keenly aware that their crews are intruding on the private lives of their clients, without any intention to do so, so they attempt to be as unobtrusive and as courteous as possible.

    Aurora Exterior Painting works with all kinds of clients and on all kinds of projects. Every size of house, every color of paint, and every area within Massachusetts is open for them. Aurora Exterior Painting has received numerous referrals from previous clients because they did such great work that those previous clients suggested them to others.

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